Child Maintenance Number First 0843 455 0030.
CSA Belfast 0843 455 0072.
for Eastern England & Ireland.

CSA Belfast Phone Number

CSA Belfast Number

CSA Belfast Functions & Involvement The CSA’s function is to calculate how much child maintenance is due (based on current legislation and rules). And then collections, enforcement and transferral of the payment from the non-resident parent to the person with care.

For the CSA to become involved, it must be requested by one of the parents. The legislation also allows children in Scotland to initiate a case against one or both Non-Resident Parents directly.

The CSA cannot get involved, even upon request, if the non-resident parent lives abroad. If a written agreement made prior to April 5 1993. Is in place, or if a court order regarding maintenance was made before March 3 2003. (except in cases where the parent with care claims Income Support or Jobseekers Allowance).

The CSA will mediate between you and your estranged partner, calculate and collect any payments due, from the date you make your claim.

CSA Contact Numbers For National enquiries 0843 455 0070.

Provides a service contacting you with your required numbers Quick and at local call rates.

CSA Belfast Phone Number 0843 455 0072.

Click here to use the CSA’s online Child maintenance calculator.

Existing cases:
So the CSA Belfast can direct your call to the best person to deal with your case, you will need to enter:

the numbers from your National Insurance number – so if your National Insurance number is AB 123456 C you will need to enter 123456 your date of birth as a six-digit number – so if your date of birth is 3 May 1988 you should enter 030588 when asked.

CSA Payment Helpline.

Child Support Agency Belfast – CSA Belfast.

PO Box 30,
BT58 1AF.

Tel: 0843 455 0072.

CSA Belfast Helpline on 0843 455 0072.

CSA Belfast