Child Maintenance Service First 0843 455 0030.
CSA Birkenhead 0843 455 0073.
for North West England.

CSA Birkenhead

The Child Support Agency (CSA), is a government agency accountable for assisting mother and father when getting the financial help from the astringed parent. The Child maintenance service will assist the mother or father with whom the child lives to get the financial help required to bring up your child/children. It is financially compensated by the other mother or father.

The CSA Birkenhead covers the North West area and assists with both parents to make sure that the child has the best chance in life, just as if both mother and father were residing together. The level of child servicing is in accordance with the number of children engaged and the earnings of the spending mother or father.

You can Call the CSA Birkenhead Number for help and guidance if you are either of the mother and father to the child, a grandparent or a protector of the child. If you reside in Scotland and you are the child, you can apply for CSA help yourself. This only is applicable in Scotland.

CSA Birkenhead Number 0843 455 0073.

The CSA is developed to offer guidance about a wide range of particular factors around your scenario. The solutions that the CSA Birkenhead perform are: Helpling you find the astrainged parent, if you do not have any get in touch with them. Adjudicating on arguments over parentage. Collecting the maintenance from the absent parent, then forwarding the funds to the parent or carer of the child. Recording any important changes to both parents personal sercumstances. Should the scenario occur, the CSA will take all necessary and appropriate action if the maintenance payment is not met.

CSA Birkenhead.
Great Western House.
Woodside Ferry Approach.
CH41 6DA.

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