CSA Falkirk

Use Child Maintenance Service First 0843 455 0030.

CSA Falkirk 0843 455 0071.
For Scotland and North East England.

CSA FalkirkThe Child Support Agency (CSA) is a government agency responsible for supporting parents when providing solutions to child maintenance issues. Child maintenance is a financial support paid to the parent with whom the child lives. It is paid by the other parent. The CSA Falkirk works with both parents to ensure that the child has every opportunity to succeed in life, just as if both parents were still living together. The level of child maintenance is based on the number of children involved and the income of the paying parent.

You can apply to the CSA for help and advice if you are either of the parents to the child, a grandparent or a guardian of the child. If you live in Scotland and you are the child, you can apply for CSA help yourself. This only applies in Scotland.

The CSA is designed to provide assistance with a variety of specific aspects around your situation. The services the CSA Falkirk provide include: Helping you to find the other parent of the child if you do not have any contact with them, adjudicating on disagreements over parentage, deciding on the levels of child maintenance to be paid and arranging for the successful payments to the receiving parent and re-evaluating payments when there are significant changes in parents’ personal circumstances. Should the situation arise, the CSA will take all necessary and appropriate actions should payments fail to be made as required.

Always try to call the regional offices if you can, or if you don’t know which regional office to call, you can call the national helpline on 0843 455 0070. There are six regional offices that are specially set up to help you out. The offices are in Belfast, Birkenhead, Dudley, Falkirk, Hastings and Plymouth.

CSA Falkirk Number: 0843 455 0071.

There are two ways to contact the CSA Falkirk by telephone on 0843 455 0071:
Ore to start a new claim us the child maintenance service number on 0843 455 0030 for general inquiries.

Both lines are open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturday.
All calls charged at local rate. Fast connection to CSA Falkirk helpline phone number. Use the child support agency to mediate between you and the absentee parent. to start a claim and calculate how much maintenance you may be entitled to click here.

Or you can contact the CSA Falkirk by post:
Child Support Agency.
Child Support Agency 3
Mail Handling Site A
WV98 1SG.

Email Form for CSA Falkirk.

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