CSA Hastings

Use Child Maintenance Service First 0843 455 0030.

CSA Hastings Number 0843 455 0075.

for South East England.

Hastings csa numberUse the CSA Hastings Number to contact the child support agency to mediate between you and the absentee parent. CSA Hastings Phone Number Child Support Agency Hastings is a commission that deals with child enforcement and maintenance.

Its responsibility is, to ensure that parents and guardians who are separated from their children support them financially and contribute to their upkeep and also pay the child maintenance. One can contact the commission via the CSA.

The CSA Hastings will from the guardian or parent who are not the main habitual caretaker of the child and then will forward the funds to your bank or building society. They will make sure that the right amount is paid to the parent or guardian living with the child.

The commission has a resolution team that listens to complaints brought forward. When you bring a complaint to the CSA. The complaints resolution team will start dealing with resolving your issue. Once the issues has been investigated, the CSA will give you a call and notify you of the outcome.

CSA Hastings Number: 0843 455 0075.

If an individual is not happy with way the complaints resolution group has handled his case he is then required to contact the complaints review team at the CSA Hastings number. The team will then respond to the person to notify them that they have received the complaint and that they are working on it.

The team will then do its best to settle the matter within a period of two weeks. In a case that takes more than two-weeks they will contact a person through CSA in Hastings and update the client about the development of their case.

If one is still discontented after the second team has looked at his case, they can then ask the independent case examiner through CSA Phone number to investigate the problem. The team is impartial and the outcome of the verdict will be free and fair.

Both lines are open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturday. All calls charged at local rate. Fast connection to CSA Hastings helpline phone number. Use the child support agency to mediate between you and the absentee parent. to start a claim and calculate how much maintenance you may be entitled to click here.

or write to:
Child Support Agency Hastings.
Child Support Agency 2
Post Handling Site B
WV99 1NE.

Use the online CSA Hastings email form.

CSA Hastings